Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Festive Room Decor!

Today I am going to do a very picture-heavy post on things I have put in my room just to make it a tad bit festive! 

Firstly I have this Glade 'Honey & Chocolate' scented candle which I absolutely love! The packaging is very festive and I just love candles! Particularly in the Autumn and Winter time!

Here is a picture of my notice board. You can see I have put up a few of my Christmas cards on here to make it more Christmas-ey as well as a little hot pink star bauble!

Also, I have just laid some plain silver tinsel around the outside just to spice things up a bit!

Here is one of the compartments of my shelves! I have put out some more Christmas cards as well as this super cute snowman I got given as a gift! 

This was something else I was given as a gift and I love it! Snow globes are lovely decorative pieces to have in your room all year round in my opinion - especially at this time of year!

Here is just a small shot of my Tatty Teddy Christmas photo holder!

And one more little keep-sake item that I have on my shelves year round is my springing, skiing frog! I absolutely love him and think he is just a very cute addition to my room!

And here is just a picture in my room that I made look slightly festive using some more silver tinsel!

Finally, my gorgeous mini Christmas tree! I purchased this in QD for only £4.99 and it is probably my favourite festive item in my room! It is great quality and the decorations that you can see on it are already stuck to the tree when you buy it! Bonus!
Below it I just have a small candle and a soap that was wrapped up like a present so I decided to place it underneath the tree! teehee!

I hope you enjoyed this post!
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