Sunday, 29 January 2012

Lip Balms - My Faves!

Holaa girls! This post is going to be showing you how I store some of my lip balms/products as well as showing you a few of my favourite lip blams!

The first of my favourite lip balms is this 'Sweet Vanilla Salve' by Rose & Co. I love this lip balm because the consistency is fab and it is great if you just want something moisturising with no colour. I particularly like using this before I go to bed as it feels and smells very relaxing! The scent is amazing!

The next lip balm(tint in this case) is from LUSH and this is their 'Latte' lip tint. It is a gorgeous bronzey/champagne colour and looks very pretty if applied sparingly on the lips. I really enjoy using this product as the taste and smell is lovely! Just like a cup of coffee! Although I don't find it terribly moisturising, I like it all the same! 

These are the 'Born Lippy Lip balms' by The Body Shop. I love these and these are probably one of my favourite lip balms to use! Just wish they came in stick form! Haha!
They are extremely moisturising but feel like a very creamy lip gloss! They have great colour pay-off and they smell and taste DELICIOUS! Total recommend!

I'm sure you know this one! This is the original 'Carmex' and this is great before bed or just generally when your lips have been through a lot! It stings a little on the lips but that means it's working! It's very moisturising and good at curing dry, chapped lips. I am yet to try the squeeze-tube lip balms but this is great for now!

The last lip balms I have to show are in stick form. It's strange because I prefer them in this form but I have way more in pots! Haha!
The lip balm in the orage packaging is Niveas 'Sun Protect' lip balm with SPF 30. This is fantastic for when I go abroad and need high SPF. In general I love the Nivea lip balms, they are so so moisturising and they have so many different types!
The other one I have is Burt's Bees "Pomegranate" lip balm. I really like the colour pay off on this lip balm as it gives your lips a really nice, natural cranberry red sheen which is very pretty! I am not too keen on the taste/smell of the lip balm but it is very high quality and works well. 

That's all for this week's blog post!
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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Current Facial Loves!

Hi Girls,

This blog post is going to be on my favourite facial things for my face right now! So that's skin care & makeup items!
Hope you enjoy!

That's all for the moment!
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Sunday, 15 January 2012

All Used Up!

Heya everyone! 
 Today I thought I would share my thoughts on three different products that I have used up (or almost used up!) and ultimately, tell you if I would re-purchase!! 

The first product is the Breakfast Scrub from Soap and Glory. I absolutely ADORE this product! It has an amazing burnt caramel smell and is just abraisive enough without being harsh! You get a really nice amount and a little goes a long way! It's a fab product and I would highly recommend!

Next is a product that I wasn't overly keen on despite the good reviews it got. It is Rimmel's 'Stay Matte' pressed powder and although I hit pan, I only used it for touch ups as I found it to really look quite cakey and as for the "Stay Matte" part...well...let's just say it doesn't last the said "5 hours" on the face and you are shiny/oily within an hour or two. Very disappointed and would not re-purchase.

Finally, the last product is the Witch Stick Concealer. It didn't take me too long to use this up, and it is a shame because it is a fab concealer! It provides great coverage and it is nice and easy to blend it into your skin. I have since found the Clinique Clearing Concealer and although the Witch one doesn't match up to that, it is still INCREDIBLE for the £3.00 I spent on it! I will definitely re-purchase this product if I'm in a pinch or for my school makeup bag!

Hope you enjoyed this blog post!
More on the way!
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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Night Time Skin Care Routine Video!

Hello everyone! I posted this video last night and thought I would share it with you. The filming style is a little bit different to my normal 'sit down and talk' method. Your feedback would be much appreciated so Please leave it below in the comments or on the videos comments section! Thanks! xox

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