Monday, 19 March 2012

What's In My Makeup Bag? ~ Face ~

Hey everyone! Hope you're having a fabulous Tuesday! 
Today I thought I would give you all an update of some of my favourite, every day products & what better way to do that than to show what's in my every day makeup bag!
Just a little disclaimer; this is not a makeup bag I keep in my school/hand bag! It is a makeup bag I keep on my counter with my everyday products in it so that I don't have to go routing through everything to find what I want :)

This first post is going to be the face products in the bag. I decided to do separate posts as this post would be WAAAAAY too long!! 

First of all, the makeup bag. This makeup bag is from Jack Wills and was purchased sometime in the summer of 2011? It used to have a zip at the top but that broke but I have been putting this to good use on my counter! I like the fact you can see through it so you can see vaguely what you want!


No7 Essentially Natural Mineral Foundation ~ This is the foundation I have been using of late! It provides a satin/matte finish and looks extremely natural. I don't think it will be a holy grail item but I do really enjoy using it!

No7 Shine Free Primer ~ If you have watched my "Products I Regret Buying" video you will not I am not a fan of this primer - it doesn't provide a matte finish for any longer than an hour. Not impressive! The only reason I have this in here is to use it up!

Clinique Anti-Blemish Clearing Concealer ~ I really love this concealer! You only need the tiniest amount & it covers really well! Will almost definitely re-purchase!

Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer ~ This is basically the drugstore's answer to YSL's "Touche Eclat". It is great for brightening up the eye area as it has a nice pink undertone. I have had this since April 2011 and it's STILL going strong!

NYC Smooth Skin Pressed Face Powder ~ Again, this is not a holy grail product for me, but it gives a nice finish and I want to use it up! Not a bad product for £2.00!

MeMeMe Beat the Blues Highlighter "Sun Beam" ~ This a really pretty golden shimmery highlighter. It gives me a lovely natural glow & is a fab dupe for Benefits "MoonBeam"!

Maybelline Dream Touch Blush "06" ~ This is the perfect everyday cream blush! I just dab this on my cheeks, blend and I'm good to go! Gives a great healthy glow to my cheeks and looks very natural! Definitely want to try more of these!

Well that's all for now!
Stay tuned for my eye & lips products which will be in a separate post soon!

What are some of your holy grail products?

Much Love,

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