Thursday, 26 April 2012

Haul: A Few Cheeky Purchases!

 Hello girlies!

Thought I would just let you know about some recent purchases of mine! I picked up three stila products from TKMaxx the other day! I got the Stila Sheer Colour Tinted Moisturiser with SPF 30, along with a concealer (which is far too dark so I can giving to my friend!) and a high-shine lip colour in the shade 'Serena' - a pretty "my lips but better with shimmer" colour! I have so far been LOVING the tinted moisturiser (expect to see that in a video soon) and the high shine lip colour is beautiful! The best thing about the stila products? I only paid £9.99 for all three! Amazing, I know! Obviously you can't pick and choose colours/shades very easily, but none the less, an incredible deal! I recommend popping down to your local TKMaxx and see what they have to offer!

I also picked up Cosmopolitan's beauty blender dupe from superdrug for £4.99 too on the same day when my EcoTools stippling kabuki failed on me and began to shred awfully! I picked this up as a temporary way to apply my foundation while I had nothing else (I now own the RT core collection - amazing!) and it actually worked pretty well! I think it's a great sponge and its very easy to use/work with!

Have you picked up anything exciting recently?
All for now folks!
Much Love,

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