Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Review: Maybelline Colour 24H Eyeshadow in 'Permanent Taupe'!

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Now, there is no doubt you will have heard about these cream eyeshadows 'till the cows come home, and you probably already have some! But if not, here's yet another review just to persuade you even more!

Unfortunately in the Boots store I visited, they had sold out of both the gold & bronze colour so I decided to pick up this matte taupe colour.

The colour itself is very pigmented and to describe the colour I would say it is a grey toned taupe colour. It's the perfect colour for everyday wear and its easy to blend making it easy to work/play around with. I love wearing this all over the lid with shimmery white eye shadow over the top. It gives the look a lot more dimension!

As for staying power, these are brilliant! Not sure about 24h, but who wears eye shadow for 24 hours? Haha! These stay put on the lids very well and look as vibrant as they did when first applied. I was very impressed with this as my lids tend to be on the oily side.

And for price, these are extremely reasonable! They are only £4.99 and considering they are meant to be comparable to MAC's paint pots that is a steal! (& whoever gets through a jar this size anyway?!)

Overall these are an amazing products and I definitely want to check out the other shades, particularly the bronze and gold, but the aqua blue colour is tempting also for the summer!

Well that was my little review! Hope you all enjoyed & I will try and get another blog post (probably another review) to you all soon! Bye for now!

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