Saturday, 26 November 2011

A Few Little Treasures!

Good Evening Girlies!

So today I went to my brother's school's christmas fair which they hold every year to raise money for the school. Whilst I was there I had a look at some of the stalls and one of them stood out in particular.
The stall run by two ladies, a daughter and a mum and they were selling home-made jewellery, organic home-made soap and candles.
I love stalls like this and as the money was going to the school I didn't feel guilty in buying a few things! (Win-win, right? :D)


The first thing I purchased was two home-made bracelets which were a very good price at only £3.00 each! The green one is a basic bracelet and they silver one is a wrap-around elasticated bracelet. Both are absolutely gorgeous and fit perfectly around my wrists. (This can sometimes be a problem as I have tiny wrists! Observe.)

Aren't they pretty? :)

Next I got a soap which is wrapped up so beautifully I don't think I want to open it! It was £2.50, so again a very good price.
The lady said that the scent was 'Jasmine and Lemon Zest' and by smelling through the wrapper I can tell it is very fresh and calming. There are also little pieces of whole lemon and orange zest which look really nice - I can't wait to try it!

And last but not least I bought this little candle which was only £1.50! I really like it's packaging and it will look nice in my room when it isn't even being lit!
The scent of this candle is 'Cinnamon' but to me it doesn't just smell like cinnamon - it smells like Christmas in a candle! It smells very warming and spicy and I bet it will be lovely to have lit on those cold winter nights!

That's all I got and I hope you enjoyed this random post!
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Much Love,

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