Thursday, 24 November 2011

Glade 'Honey and Chocolate' Candle Thoughts!

Hellooo there!

Today I am going to be talking about something slightly different - a candle that I picked up from Tesco's a while ago!

Behold! The Glade 'Honey and Chocolate' Scented Candle!

This candle cost me £2.00 from Tesco as it was half price! (You do the maths!) I absolutely loved the packaging and couldn't wait to try it out!

My Thoughts:
I think this candle smells absolutely delicious! It does not smell at all sickly but just warming and to be honest not much of honey and chocolate but it really helps to make a room feel cosy and I don't mind it not smelling of it too much! I have been burning it every night for just over a week now and I still have loads left, so it is definitely a good buy in terms of how long it lasts!
The packaging is strong and sturdy glass with a beautiful, festive design on it which I absolutely love!

Overall I really enjoy using this candle and for £2.00 it is an absolute steal! Will definitely be repurchasing and/or trying some other scents!

Hope you enjoyed this little post!
Have you tried these candles before? Which brands of candles do you like? I'd love to know!

Much Love,

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